Adventures as a Substitute Teacher

Background: I decided that since I had a few months of nothing to do, I would work as a Substitute Teacher in our local district. It took forever to get all of the paperwork and training done, but I’m subbing now!

My story for the day:

I was asked by a teacher at a middle school to come substitute for his middle school band and orchestra classes. I figured they would do a worksheet or watch a movie or something.

I was wrong. Dead wrong.

I got the lesson plans from him and realized that he wanted me to lead the class as they went through exercises and worked on their concert pieces.

Problem? I’ve never conducted before. Ever. I’ve never really even played an instrument. So I was terrified. I frantically googled all of the pieces and listened to them. I even asked my friend for a crash course in conducting (Thanks Caitlin!)

But I made it. God definitely helped me out. Thank goodness I had Professor Banke last semester. Thank goodness I really only had to conduct 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4. Mainly 4/4. So I survived. Barely.

What an adventure.


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