The Ups and Downs of Substitute Teaching


  1. A kindergartener drew me a picture in art class!
  2. Students recognizing me in the hallway when I subbed for a different class in their school.
  3. Finally being in charge of the “quiet game.”
  4. “You’re the best sub ever!”
  5. “You’re pretty!”
  6. Choosing my own work schedule.
  7. Being requested by teachers.
  8. Teaching and learning at the same time.
  9. Watching kindergarteners dance to the KidzBop version of “Gangnam Style”


  1. “Miss Rust, are you going to have a baby?”
  2. Telling students not to chew on scissors.
  3. Telling students to get their scissors out of their mouths.
  4. Telling students not to cut their hair with scissors.
  5. Telling students not to cut other students’ hair with scissors.
  6. The use of scissors in general.
  7. Elementary vocal music songs stuck in my head.
  8. Tattling.
  9. Running out of creative ways to silence a class.
  10. “How old are you?” A bright child’s guess: “58?”

The Uncategorized:

  1. “Are you a teenager or are you married?”
  2. Two birthday children in one fourth grade class. Enough said.
  3. Valentine’s Day with 5th graders.

The lovely picture I was given from a precious kindergartener.


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