Valentine’s Day

The spoils of Valentine's Day.

The spoils of Valentine’s Day.

I spent my Valentine’s day with a class of fifth graders. Let me tell you, there is nothing like a classroom full of 10-11 year olds on a sugar and excitement high. The fact that each of them had 2-3 cupcakes, piles of candy, big hugs (those barrels of “juice” that are nothing more than glorified sugar water with food coloring), fun valentines to read, and a substitute did not make them any calmer. The classroom was covered in crumbs of chocolate cake and the kids were coated with frosting (in some cases) when they left.

Subbing on Valentine’s Day definitely made me appreciate all those holiday parties back in elementary school. Especially now that I can see it from the teacher’s perspective. It’s a completely different view from here.


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