Getting There is Half the Battle: My travel experience to Chile

Snow. Most of the time I absolutely love it. A few days ago? I absolutely hated it.


Snow is what started the most ridiculous travel experience I have ever encountered. I will try to recap it for you.

8:00 AM – Leisurely get ready, clean, and pack. After all, my flight doesn’t leave until 4:25. I’ll be fine. I just need to get everything ready

9:00 AM – Eat some bread with peanut butter. Last chance for real PB. And plus, I should eat breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day.

9:30 AM – Re-evaluate my packing list. Make sure I have everything packed, or ready to be packed.

10:00 AM – Send my last e-mail to my prayer team.

….then it all changed.

10:05 AM – Check my Delta flight. Notice it is cancelled. Check for other outgoing Delta flights.

10:20 AM – Get an email from Delta. They have rescheduled me to fly American Airlines from Wichita to Dallas.

11:00 AM – Realize that the flight out of Wichita is cancelled. Begin to freak out.

11:30 AM – Decide to drive down to Dallas with dad to at least catch that leg of the trip.

(this whole time we are all calling all airlines/ looking at all websites to see if one of them still has a Wichita leg/ something in OKC or KC)

12:30 PM – Begin 6 hour drive to Dallas.

1:00 PM – Get stuck behind a snow-plow and a truck going 20 mph for 15 miles on the turnpike.

1:20 PM – Eat the power bar I brought as a snack.

2:30 PM – Get a call from mom. She found a flight from OKC to ATL, with the same original flight to SCL (Santiago).

3:20 PM – Arrive at OKC. Talk to Delta check-in. Realize the transfer from American to Delta was not fully completed. Wait for a boarding pass. (Success! My bag is exactly 50 lbs!)

3:35 PM – Get boarding pass. Go through security.

3:45 PM – Sit down at the correct gate. Breathe a sigh of relief.

5:45 PM – Announcement that flight will be delayed due to issues with steering. Worry a little, but not too much.

6:15 PM – Flight delay announced to be 30 minutes. Departure now scheduled at 6:45 (originally scheduled at 6:05). Realize there is no way to make it to Atlanta and to my connecting flight.

6:25 PM – Talk to the Delta representative about options: go to Atlanta, or stay in OKC.

6:40 PM – Realize flight will most likely be cancelled. Schedule to leave OKC the next morning at 10:45

7:00 PM – Picked up by my aunt. (With my suitcase)

7:30 PM – Repack suitcase and wash clothes.

10:15 PM – Call it a night and get some sleep

– 21 February 2013 –

1:20 AM – Wake up to some ridiculous rain.

4:30 AM – Wake up to some crazy loud thunder.

5:45 AM – Get up and get ready. The weather changed overnight and it’s wet and possibly super icy on the road to the airport.

7:30 AM – Arrive at airport.

8:00 AM – Sit at gate.

8:15 AM – Realize that due to ice in the engine, the flight that left for Atlanta at 6:30 from OKC is coming back. Freak out a little.

10:30 AM – Board plane.

11:00 AM – Take off

– Switch to Atlanta Local Time

1:29 PM – Land in Atlanta. Realize that I have about 8 hours to kill.

3:30 PM – Eat lunch from Panda Express. (After confirming gate of departure, of course.)


Eating lunch and charging everything before my long flight.

5:00 PM – Realize gate has changed. Find new gate.

5:15 PM – Meet a girl that is going to Chile to study with ISEP.

9:50 PM – Board Plane to Santiago

– Switch to Santiago Time –

9:25 AM – Arrive in Santiago!

9:40 AM – Freshen Up

9:50 AM – Make it through customs.

10:00 AM – Meet my taxi driver and head out to the hotel!

10:25 AM – Make it to Hotel. Drop off stuff.

10:30 AM – Join the group at the orientation session.


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