La mitad.


I’m at the halfway point of my trip here. Somewhere amongst the micro rides, late night chats, ice cream stops, feasts on bread, school, trips to las dunas, and beach days… time passed. 65 days. I’ve been in Chile for 65 days and I have a little less than that left.

In some ways, I miss home. I miss knowing where I am. I miss my friends. I miss comfort food. I miss familiarity.

But reversely, I love it here. I love going on adventures in Viña and Valpo. I love my new friends. I love Chilean food. I love learning.

So I’m in an interesting spot. I’m finally starting to feel like this is my home. I’m finally making that transition from tourist to resident. And I have to leave soon.

But I don’t want to whine about the lack of time I have left. I want to enjoy every second of it.


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