San Pedro de Atacama

Our Lovely Hostel Group!

Our Lovely Hostel Group!

Fuimos a San Pedro de Atacama! The driest desert in the world. And it snowed. And rained. And our hostel leaked. And the power went out. And I showered in cold water by candlelight.


But it was absolutely GORGEOUS.

Just a glimpse of the beauty I saw.

Just a glimpse of the beauty I saw.

During this trip, I could not help but think of how the mountains and the scenery screamed of a heavenly creator.

The heavens proclaim the glory of God.
The skies display his craftsmanship.

Psalm 19:1

There was so much untouched beauty in this place. I literally felt so close to God in the moments when I just absorbed the splendor of His creation and praised Him for the work of His hands. We were able to see for miles and miles of just nature. No buildings. No signs of humans. Just pure natural beauty.

And it was amazing.


I climbed mountains of salt. I soaked in hot springs. I watched snow fall over geysers. I hiked to a mirador (viewpoint) near Incan ruins. I saw flamingos in a lake with snow covered mountains in the background. I floated in a lagoon 5 times saltier than the ocean. I ate llama. I stood at the point where the Tropic of Capricorn intersects with an ancient Incan trail. I saw the moon and Saturn.

Floating in some salt water.

Floating in some salt water.

I experienced God’s marvelous creation.



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