I climbed a mountain!


Well, almost.

Last Sunday (June 1) I went to La Campana, a mountain semi-close to Valpo and Viña along with 12 others.

And it was definitely an adventure.


Let me just start by saying that I have never really truly gone on a hike, much less climbed a mountain. So this 7 hour hike up a steep watered down trail was a little above my level (understatement). But I powered through thanks to some friendly encouragement and some tough love.


But I did it [more or less]! I made it to the mines. After the mines, there is about 1-2 more hours of hiking to get to the top. I was exhausted. And it was technically closed. So I just spent some time with the lovely Lisa and Maria.

We made a fox friend!

We made a fox friend!

It was definitely a beautiful place.


After a bit, we met up with part of the group that had tried to make it to the top, but turned back at the rock wall. So Simone and Danielle and I headed down the road. We knew it would get dark soon and wanted to avoid the late night woods.


And we walked. And walked. And walked some more. And then the sun started setting. And we kept on walking. At one point, we used the trail to cut off some time from the road. And we kept on the ‘trail’. But it was a different trail than before. We ended up getting a little lost in the forest. (Chilean trails are not well marked). But thanks to Danielle’s girl scout knowledge and the grace of God, we made it back on the road and made it to the entrance safe and sound.

Then we chowed down on the snacks Danielle still had and settled in to wait for the rest of the group. I’d brought my spanish bible to read when I got to the top (which didn’t happen, but still..) and popped it open to Psalms to read aloud and pass some time. I got to Psalm 1:6 and was a little astounded: “Pues el Señor cuida el sendero de los justos, pero la senda de los malos lleva a la destrucción.” (NTV) [For the Lord watches over the path of the godly, but the path of the wicked leads to destruction. (NLT)] Sendero means trail. I’d been praying that we would find the trail/road to lead us to safety while we were lost. God gave me a nice little reminder that He watches over our path. A good reminder that God is here for us.


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