New friends!

I love meeting new people. Especially when I’m familiar with the cultural context. And I got to do just that this past week!

The new Veritas girls and the other ISA summer students are here! I’m definitely really excited. I spent some time with them and some other students on Sunday. We went to church, some historical sites, watched the sunset at the dunes of Concon and ended the day on a good note: Bravissimo.


I’m so exited to get to know everyone more and see the wonderful things God has brought us together to do.

Viña and Valpo didn’t give them the best welcome: it’s been pouring the past few days. Nothing like walking through flooded streets. It’s supposed to clear up tomorrow. I’m so exited to hopefully see some sunshine!



The best group :)

The best group 🙂

Chilean Amusement parks are a lot like American ones.

Minus the safety restrictions.

Basically, there is a ride, Tacada, that spins in a circle, slows down and jumps up and down. Without seat belts. You end up flopping all over the place and holding on to the bars behind you for dear life. Apparently some Chileans like to dance in the middle. Asi es la vida… I guess.

The craziest ride I have ever seen in my life.

The craziest ride I have ever seen in my life.

Wednesday, May 1st was the Día del Trabajador (Labor Day). Therefore, we did not have class. Chileans take it so much more seriously. Almost everything (minus public transportation and this amusement park) was closed. Even all of the supermarkets. Definitely a cultural shift.

Anyway, I went on my first ever real roller coaster! It went backwards and upside down. I think I blacked out, but I’m not quite sure. Definitely an adventure.

Before and After. I was a mess.

Before and After. I was a mess.

It was a great day filled with friends and fun and food. Going to Santiago was a great break from life here in Viña and Valpo. I saw the sun set over the Andes. Hope and I met some random people. I enjoyed the day I’d been given.

Sometimes you meet people on amusement park rides.

Sometimes you meet people on amusement park rides.

It was something completely different, and completely awesome.



Noche de Intercambio

Two things I love: friends & food. 

Last weekend I had a superduper awesome time with my friends at the Noche de Intercambio fiesta. Basically everyone brought food from his or her home country and shared it. SO. GOOD. 




C.J. & Maria (the totally precious married couple studying with ISA) made apple pie. APPLE PIE. There were tons of American favorites and some German and Brazilian dishes as well. (The Chileans supplied Choripan: Chorizo on Bread. SO GOOD.) 




Also we played games. And I was on the best team ever [even though we didn’t win, we had the best spirit! …and that’s what counts, right?]




And also, we’re a really large group: