It’s funny what makes you miss home. 

A guy playing guitar and harmonizing along. 

Your host-niece screaming downstairs. 

The first rainy day of the season.

Graduation at your old high school. 

A song that comes on the radio. 

Karaoke night. 

Looking at facebook or the photos I brought that hang on my wall, talking about the States. Those things don’t make me homesick. They don’t make me miss my home. Homesickness hits you when you least expect it. It comes from the face of someone that reminds you of so-and-so. It comes from the guy singing on the micro as the rain pours down. It comes from the time you spend with your new friends. It comes when you aren’t even thinking of home. 

I love being here. Absolutely love it. But sometimes I miss what I know. I miss familiarity. Being in Chile has taught me so much about who I am and who I have the opportunity to become. 

But sometimes, just sometimes, I’m homesick.